Children’s Ministry

Your child is very important to us! The purpose of our youth ministry is to assist you in rearing your child for the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to reach this goal through the following programs:


  •  A class setting where children are taught an understandable Bible lesson applicable to their daily lives by a loving, caring teacher. Our classes range from infants to the 6th grade. Each class is filled with children that are the age of your child, and every Bible lesson is applicable to their particular age group. In addition, all classes are designed to assist parents in raising their child to live for Jesus Christ.


  •  A service designed on a child’s interest level that helps them worship God in spirit and in truth.
  • Our children’s church provides children the opportunity to grow and learn to be like Jesus Christ every Sunday. The children’s services include a time of singing, object lessons, play time, and most of all, the preaching of God’s Word. There are also special promotions that take place with individual children’s churches throughout the year.

Children’s Programs

  •  Patch the Pirate is a nine month program we are using to minister to our boys and girls. It is wonderful program designed to teach them character and biblical principles relevant to their age. It is a strong musical program that makes way for our children’s choir that performs a few times throughout the year. It is a meritorious program where the boys and girls can earn badges that go on their uniform. The program is designed to award the children for their behavior, character, achievements inside and outside the church.
  •  In the summer we have a program called ‘Kingdom Kidz” that is designed to be a little more activity oriented since it is a transitional program between the spring and fall children’s program. It is designed to make learning God’s Word fun and prepared them for school and the fall church program. Kids love this program and it’s a wonderful break for them.

Children’s Activities

  • Throughout the year we have various wholesome activities for the young people such as skating, bowling, scavenger hunts, trips, games, and so much more to give them an opportunity to spend time with other young people and our good Christian workers. We also have a wonderful Vacation Bible School each summer.

Teen Ministry

  • Designed to assist parents in shaping and molding the entire lives of Christian young people in the sixth through twelfth grades. Our aim is to help equip parents and encourage teenagers to fulfill their God-given potential and to reach the unsaved youth in our community whose hearts are longing for what only Christ can give.
  •  Teen Sunday morning bible study is a special training time for our youth in which life-changing principles are taught from the Bible. Our caring teachers challenge the students to apply God’s Word to their daily lives.
  •  Teen Activities are exciting events scheduled throughout the year in order to provide our young people with Christian fellowship. They usually take place on Fridays and Saturdays and include all night lock-ins, bowling, miniature golf, scavenger hunts,banquets, area-wide youth rallies, and many other activities. In the summer the teens have a weekly Bible study called TNT which stands for Teen Nutritional Time and is a great opportunity for the young people to learn God’s Word in a casual atmosphere. We also have a weekly program called Operation Saturation where we reach out to those in our community. The teens also enjoy a week of summer camp and a back to school retreat each year.
  • The teens also have an active drama team that practices each Wednesday during school months and performs in our local church and other churches and event’s in our area. It is a great ministry to train future leaders as well as minister to adults, teens, boys and girls sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bus Ministry

  •  One of our new ministries at Sand Hill Creek is our church bus ministry. Luke 14:23 is the "Great Commission" of our bus ministry, "And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled." Our ultimate purpose is to reach children and their families with the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After they have received Jesus as Savior, our goal is to help them grow in their Christian lives through exciting and practical Bible teaching. With these goals in mind, our bus ministry seeks to be a blessing to our community.
  • Our bus route has a CDL certified bus driver, a bus captain, and trained workers to help with the children on the ride to and from church. Bus Captains go out every Saturday to visit their riders and sign up new families to ride. The bus then make their rounds on Sunday morning and arrive in time for our Sunday School Ministry and then our Children’s Church Ministry that takes place during our church worship service.
  • The bus ministry at Sand Hill Creek also provides fun & wholesome activities outside the Sunday school class. Children enjoy a special program of singing & Bible activities on the bus each Sunday. Our Bus Ministry provides safe transportation for you and your children at no cost to your family. All workers Sunday school teachers & bus are approved by our pastor and are faithful members of Memorial Free Will Baptist Church
  • We would love to hear from you! If you or someone in your family need a ride to church, please contact the pastor at 912-347-7558.

Prayer Ministry

  • Our church has regular 24 hour prayer vigils where we pray at the church for the many needs of our congregation and needs of our community and our world. The prayer vigil starts on Friday evening at 5:00 and concludes at 5:00 PM on Saturday.
  • Our church is also involved with the Community Wide Prayer Ministry that takes place the first Monday of each month. We are privileged to host this prayer meeting at least twice a year. Our prayer team meets at the church and we go together to the assigned church each month for a special united time of prayer.

Ladies’ Ministry

  • Our ladies are very involved in our church and community serving our Lord together. The ladies have a monthly meeting at the church on the second Tuesday of each month where they have a different theme each month. Our ladies join with Christian Women United for a monthly prayer meeting at Sarah’s in the City for lunch and prayer the first Tuesday of each month. Our ladies also work together to prepare meals for our families during sickness, funerals and other needy times. Our ladies also serve as our decorating committee for banquets and special church events.

Men’s Ministry

  • Our men are very involved in our church and community serving our Lord together. The men have a monthly meeting on the second Monday of each month where they eat together and have someone to share a testimony of God’s transforming power in their life. Our men work together to maintain our church buildings and church grounds as well as help to minister to the elderly and needy of our community. The purpose of our men’s ministry is so that men can mentor and encourage each other to be better men of God as well as husbands, fathers, workers, and servants of the Lord. It is a discipling ministry.

Visitation and Outreach Ministry

  • We have teams that go out each Monday night into our community to visit the unchurched and to follow up with visits to our visitors, church families, sick and shut-ins.
  • It is a great opportunity to help our church fulfill the Great Commission of taking the Gospel to all people, starting in our community and our city. In the NT they went out in pairs and teams into their communities to share the Gospel with others and so we are challenged to do the same in obedience to our Lord’s command.